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An Immersive Culinary Experience at Grand Hyatt Melbourne

April 16, 2019 | Grand Hyatt Melbourne

In February this year, Grand Hyatt Melbourne and Hyatt Australia held a joint client appreciation event, transforming the hotel’s versatile event floor into a spectacular showcase that elevated all the senses. Using state-of-the art technology, meals were turned into vivid displays of colour and motion thanks to the expertise from Encore Event Technologies and the creative chefs here at Grand Hyatt Melbourne.

Client Appreciation Dinner 2019

According to Encore Event Technologies Venue Sales Manager, Corey Bulley, this type of event was a first for the team at Grand Hyatt Melbourne. To turn objects into a display surface for video projection, they used projection mapping. During the event, an array of breathtaking images of land, sea and sky were projected onto the dinner plates and table linens, evoking a sense of wonderment and grandeur.

Inspiration behind the concept’s elements were taken from Encore’s partners in venues across the country as well as from the menu specially created for the special evening. Many of the digital images were designed to complement the night’s unique culinary concepts, bringing art and food together to shape an unforgettable experience. According to Corey, being able to seamlessly execute the event was the highlight for all who were involved.

Seascape audiovisuals and theme

For Grand Hyatt Mlebourne’s Executive Chef Dane Clouston, the menu for the event was designed in such a way that guests would enjoy an experiential culinary experience that engaged all the sense such as touch, sound, sight and taste. For example, at one stage, guests were encouraged to unpack their meals and cook on small charcoal grills to their own liking.

Sourcing seasonal local produce, Dane and the culinary team developed each of the event’s dishes with unbridled creativity. For Dane, his favourite dish was the dessert: a chocolate mousse cake with an assortment of berries and raspberry filling on top, describing it as “such a simple dessert, but very interactive with the chefs plating the dessert in front of our guests.”

Chocolate mousse dessert with raspberry filling

For both Dane and Corey, the event’s success came down to each team’s passion and dedication in working together to create such a memorable experience that went beyond all expectation, for both their teams and guests.

Watch our video to see how this immersive and innovative event unfolded.

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